Stagelights Performing Arts Center

We are a Tampa performing arts center providing both classes and private lessons for dance, voice and acting.

We provide a nurturing and caring environment that fosters a love and appreciation for the performing arts while developing self confidence in our students.

Performing arts, musical theater, dance, voice and acting lessons for everyone

Stagelights is a center for recreational enjoyment as well as a progressive program for the more serious student. We are a full service facility that offers classes in musical theater, ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, contemporary, acting and voice including special needs classes.

Group Classes

Group dance, voice and acting classes are a great way to cultivate relationships and lifelong friendships. Group classes often inspire others in the group to want to strive to be better. We can all learn from each other by experiencing various interpretations of movements, acting choices and voice styles. Group classes build character and confidence and bring enjoyment and fulfillment to the individuals taking them. Stagelights sets a positive tone for success that builds its student body’s integrity and self worth. Stagelights Performing Arts Center offers group classes in Musical Theater, Acting, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Breakdancing! Special needs group classes are also available at Stagelights Performing Arts Center.

Private Classes

Private lessons are available at Stagelights Performing Arts Center in dance, voice and acting. Private lessons are one on one instruction on an area of interest to progress a student further in their study of the arts. This focused training allows a student to accelerate learning by being able to focus on specific areas of strength and areas that need improvement. One on one instruction allows for attention to detail and to hone in on developing the students talent to their fullest potential. Group classes are important for students to share their talents in front of their peers and develop confidence.

Private lessons, in addition to group classes, are a great way to give a well-rounded performing arts education.

Pre-screen College Auditions

From audition techniques to audition preparation, we know what colleges want and how to best prepare our young artists to succeed. Stagelights Performing Arts Center has a very high success rate of preparing our students to get accepted into one of their top three colleges of choice.Preparation is the key. We enforce our students to have a very big part in collaborating with our faculty on material that best portrays our artists strengths and marketability

Special Needs Classes

Stagelights Performing Arts center is an all-encompassing facility that offers classes to all abilities in dance, voice, acting and musical theater. Whether your interest is in inclusion classes or classes specifically for special needs, we offer it.

For more information about our special needs classes please contact us.

We excel at preparing young talent

Igniting a passion for the performing arts

Stagelights Performing Arts Center excels at preparing young talent for a career in the performing arts. We have classic techniques as well as modern approaches that give our young artists a very well-rounded performing arts education. Whether your child is wanting a place to enjoy learning about the performing arts on a recreational level or if your child is interested in learning aout the performing arts on a more serious and professional level, we have the facility to appeal to both desires. We are a well-rounded and full service performing arts program and are eager to ignite a passion for the performing arts to all that study with us.

Stagelights Performing Arts Center

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Stagelights Performing Arts Center